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Kiss Me Kiss Me
by 5 Seconds of Summer + 35,753 plays

So kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
And tell me that I’ll see you again
'Cause I don't know,
If I can let you go

{ in the dorm lobby }


[ It seeped into the room like poisonous gas, and suffocated her just as well. The silence. It constricted around the room, swallowing up the soft noises of comfort Ellie had found sanctuary in. The hum of the air conditioning, the footfalls rushing in between dorms and up the creaking stairs. Then, there was nothing. Only the silence Ellie so revered. She just needed one sound, one drop of a pin. Perhaps—- ]


[Eden pranced through the building trying to find the dorms of any of her sisters before it got too late. Just as she walked into the lobby there was a loud sharp screetching from another human. She jumped so hard she nearly fell over and frantically covered her ears. Then the girl had stopped Eden looked over at her to see what harm could’ve possibly caused just a noise, but there was nothing.] Wh-… Why would you do that?!


[Maddisyn leaned againts a bunch of lockers, hair up in a messy ponytail.  She held some books in her hands and watched as students walked back and forward;  She was perfectly content sitting there watching when she was interupted by a familiar voice beside her]


[Eden bounced down the hallway to stop at her locker. After getting what she needed she looked to the side to see that only a few lockers down Maddisyn was quietly looking over the crowd. The girl couldn’t help but smile to herself. Something about Maddisyn was fascinating to her. There was more than one occasion where she had gotten caught staring at her. Which was amusing because she was doing the same thing now, just to a larger group of people. Eden quietly walked closer to the girl and stood next to her for a moment before speaking.] Isn’t people watching so amazing? You can learn so much by just watching.


I’m all for missing school, but not the second day and not when I’m reduced to being stuck in bed. Does someone wanna come over and make me some soup? I think that’s the only kind of food I can keep down right now.


Oh my gods, are you okay? What’s wrong with you?

"I want a red dress. I want it flimsy and cheap, I want it too tight, I want to wear it until someone tears it off me.
--Kim Addonizio, “What Do Women Want?”


You helped me find my dog, remember? I guess I owe you one for that.


Of course I remember! And I’m going to hold you to owing my one. 

How is he though? He was so adorable.

"He saw her…before he saw anything else in the room.
--One Interne by F. Scott Fitzgerald

"They say love is blinding. But I swear I never saw the world clearer than the moment I realized I was in love with you.

Paint Me A Picture || Dylan & Eden


As she made her way to the vehicle, he smirked up at her. “Oh is it? I’ll keep that in mind the next time I try to woo you out with me for no reason then.” He teased, starting the drive to his place. “So, if we’re going to do this I figured there would oly be one place fitting enough to do it. And I recall having a talk with you once before when my brain was addled and I was clearly out of my head.” He joked, placing his arm on the armrest as he glanced at her. “But I can promise you, this was worth getting out of the house for.”

As they finally pulled up to his place, he stopped the car and got out, opening her door for her. Extending his hand, he smiled. “M’ lady.” He teased, taking her hand. Once she was on her feet, he clicked the lock in his hand, leading her into the building and up to the roof. Once there, he sat down on the chairs he’d set up, a table between and leaned back, arms extended. “Voila. I’ve created our own little getaway.” He mused, grinning as he offered up the chair on the other side. 

Eden grinned. “Oh, don’t say that. Now I have high expectations.” A playful little smirk played on her lips as she tapped her fingers on her knee anxiously. She was excited- nervous, but excited. She hated how she herself couldn’t remain the calm and elegant woman protagonist that she had already read in her novels or seem in movies. She was far too jittery and self conscious to actually do anything.

She let Dylan lead them up to the roof. It reminded her of the last time they were there. The blonde smiled graciously as she sat down opposite if him. She pulled her legs up with her and then wrapped her arms around them her hand gripped firmly onto the notebook. She honestly didn’t know where to start or if she should just be quiet and let things work themselves out. Or maybe he didn’t even want to jump right to it. That was a possibility. 

Eden let out a little hum before looking over to him and finally speaking. “Do you spend a lot of time on the roof?” Her brows perked upward as she started to become genuinely interested. “I got on the roof of my house once, but it gave my mom a heart attack.”


∞ - For an altered state of mind text. (Drunk, drugged.)
# - For an angry text.
♦ - For a rushed text.
x - For a secret text.
♥ - For a regular text.
* - For an early morning text.