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1. last dream you remember:
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1. dream vacation:


You got that right.


I don’t. Parks are kind of mundane for me. The only reason I hang around this place is for Sirius. The dog seems to run back here every time he’s let loose. [ he pockets the leash ] You’re a writer?

Really? What about parks do you not like? I think the willow tree is absolutely wonderful. 

I am! I used to write stories and send them into the school newspaper. I’m not allowed to do that anymore though. Apparently the Dean isn’t appreciative of a love story. [she huffs] I still write all the time though.

Dirty Little Secret | | Cadence & Eden


I may have hooked up with Hunter.


OH MY GODS! Tell me everything! I mean, I really want details! Are you guys a thing now?

Dirty Little Secret | | Cadence & Eden


So, Ed, I may have a bit of a secret from Dylan’s party, but I’m gonna need you to remain calm.  Can you please remain calm for me?


[Eden gasps and bounces a bit] I will make no promises. But a secret?! Oh my gods, tell me, tell me!


That’s an interesting perspective. But I guess you’re right about that. Everyone needs adventure in their life. Taking risks is a lot more fun than playing it safe. 


[ he pulls out his leash from his back pocket ] I was about to attach this to him before he ran. Are you around here often?

Precisely! What fun would life be if we all just sat around doing nothing?

Oh, poo. That’s rotten luck. [She trotted ahead to look around the other side of a bench] I come here all the time. I like to sit under the big willow tree and write. 

Young And Beautiful
by Lana Del Rey + 132 plays


Will you still love me when i’m no longer young and beautiful?

Will you still love me when i got nothing but my aching soul?


[ his lips curve into a smile ] Yeah, okay.he starts walking as he searches the area ]  I probably shouldn’t have brought him here. He gets adventurous in big places. 


Dogs need adventure! Even more than humans. [she walks with him and looks around a few bushes.] Adventuring is on the very narrowed down list of the most fun parts of being alive; to me at least. I can’t judge him for having a look around.

Did you have him on a leash or was he just free roaming with you?

Anonymous: If you had to lock lips with one sister, for any reason (losing a bet, doing a dare, etc.), top three choices?

Oh my. This is an odd question. But I suppose Cadence, or Erika, or Unique I guess.

Anonymous: Would you ever go matchmaking with Audrey?

Gods, yes! We’d make such a fantastic team, if I do say so myself.

Anonymous: Who is your favorite sister and why?

Gods, I don’t have a favorite! I love them all so dearly I could never decide.