Eden's currently on a semi-hiatus, but I should be posting a starter soon.

Just wonderin’


What happens if you get scared half to death twice? 


Oh my GODS.


I’ve been trying to stop hating you for ten days and I’ve been completely unsuccessful.

If you’re coming on this beach trip:


I need a list of all the booze everyone wants, what kind of party favors to bring, and of course whether or not I should invest in the condom briefcase because- …. Well better safe than sorry.

Oh! I’m going! I dunno what I want you to bring, but just make sure there’s something for me.

❝Can we all just get along like we used to in Primary School and bake cakes with pretty rainbows and paint pictures?.❞

Park // Open


Mackenzie sat on a park bench, having fun turning some lovely couples’ dates into simply dreary days. “Well, this is a fun warm-up. I was thinking the grass looked a bit too green over the years.” She threw a ball of negative energy at a couple when they weren’t looking and they instantly burst into fighting. “And they looked far too happy over the past five seconds.”


Eden gasped loudly as she watched Mackenzie. Shaking her head she stomped over to the bench where she was sitting. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no!” Each no fell in sync with her stomps. “That’s not what you need to be doing!” She raised her arm as a warm aura moved back to the couple. You could practically see the anger flow out of them as they fell back into a warm embrace; sorry’s an I love you’s pouring from their mouths. “Why on Olympus would you do that?!”



Ed Sheran… OKAY.