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[Alone at the park]


[Aaron continues to unwind his wrap when he sees someone approach him] Yeah? 


Oh, what happened to your hand? Are you okay? Can I help?

Anonymous: FMK Eden, Unique, Cadence


F(ly kites with): Cadence. I don’t think I would… uh, fuck her, but I would love to fly a kite with her! 

M(arry): Unique. She’s just so adorable. 

K(iss): Eden. Very pretty girl, I certainly would not mind kissing her. 


ANONYMOUS PLAY TIME! (or not, up to you)

Send me one of these and I’ll answer.

  • HYE have you ever?
  • FMK fuck marry kill (with three names)
  • KHC kiss hug cuddle (with three names)
  • AMA ask me anything
  • HON hot or not? 
  • WWY well would you?
  • WYR would you rather? 
  • TOD truth or dare?
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  • TOT this or that?
  • WIS who I ship? (with myself, or with others — specify) 

Painting Away || Face Painting workers

Eden grinned widely as she maneuvered the paint brush easily in her hand. She wasn’t the best artist, but she sure knew how to draw hearts, butterflies, stars, and kissy lips. It was all that she ever doodled in her notebook when she was writing. It was really the only things that ever came to her mind. Doing it with paint on faces was just like second nature to her.

Finally she had finished the final wing of a butterfly on the little girls face. Handing the child a mirror so she could see Eden asked enthusiastically, “Do ya like it? I made sure it matches your eyes.” After getting a positive response she grinned and sent the girl on her way. “Isn’t this so much fun!” The blonde peered over to her worker.

A Paper Back Romance || Eden & Pascal



[He follows beside her] U-Um, yeah! I love c-coffee… Coffee is um, n-nice. I actually ah… I work at the, um, the cafe, in the uh, the bookstore? 

I’m constantly in the bookstore, but I’ve never actually been the cafe. I’ve heard it’s nice though. [She bounced a bit as she walked.] I’ll have to stop in there sometime to visit you. [She grinned over to him.]

Break In, Break Out | Eden & Oakley


Eden had uttered his name in surprise, appearing to have dropped a dog — must be the family dog — and Oakley stared back, just as bewildered as she is. What was Eden doing here? Did he actually bug the Bailey house? But no, there would’ve been at least one picture of a Bailey girl in the house, and as far as Oakley had seen, the house belonged to a different family altogether. In fact…it could be his family, why not?

Relaxing, Oakley leaned against the doorway and shrugged. “I live here,” he lied very easily, proceeding to weave her a solidly plausible story, “well, not all the time. This is my uncle’s house, I’m here for a visit-slash-house sitting.” He smiled, letting his lie sink in before straightening up and opening the back door to invite her in.

”You a friend of my cousins?” he pretended to have surmised, the image of the running puppy briefly crossing his mind. Oakley’s smile indicated that he had no intentions of making anything out of Eden’s attempt; true enough, he found her methods quite endearing and was thus willing to play along.

She appeared to be still sore over the aftermath of their little tryst and Oakley hardly blamed her. Had she not acted more like a petulant child than a brokenhearted girl, he would have been sincerely repentant of being her undeserving first, but as it stands, Oakley was only waiting for her feelings to sort themselves out and that they may resume to be at least friends. Complications in their sexual relationship aside, he really liked her.

Eden stared at her him as he explained. Her face an odd mix between confusion, shock, and embarrassment. She was supposedly right about a cute boy living in the house, but she hadn’t expected it to be the one boy in the entire world that she had already slept with. This was just her luck, she thought. The girl gritted her teeth, angry with herself for being so foolish to come here. “Oh…” She breathed out.

Her eyes drifted downwards as she started to mull over how to lie herself out of this situation. Eden was a terrible liar though. “Um, no.” She shook her head. She couldn’t risk him asking his cousin about how they knew each other. “I found this little girl on the sidewalk just outside of the privacy fence.” She pointed over to the fence that she had just scaled. “Just returning her.” She rubbed her nose and kept her eyes on the pup who rad resumed sniffing at her feet. Leaning down, and ruffling up her fur Eden finally glanced up to him as she asked, “What’s her name? I looked on the collar, but there wasn’t a tag.”

Finally she wasn’t sure what to say. Which was odd for Eden. She always had something to say, whether it was an awkward ramble, or a fangirl-y squeal of incoherent words. Letting out a sigh she plopped on the ground and crossed her legs. The pup nuzzled against her legs and rolled around next to her. “I guess we should see if there’s a hole in the fence to make sure she doesn’t get out a again.” Eden knew that there was obviously no hole in the fence, but she had to continue of she wanted her original lie to still stand. 

[face painting workshop]


Anna looked up at Eden when the girl offered her the sandwich and she took it, nodding her head. “You’re a lifesaver, Bailey. Really.” She said, taking the sandwich out of the bag and she took a huge bite of it. “Teaches me to miss breakfast. So, what have people been having you draw for them?” She asked, kicking her legs up into a table and she leaned back in her chair.

Eden nodded. “You’re welcome.” She said as she pulled out a water bottle and took a sip. “I’ve done a lot of hearts… Oh! And I made someone a dog! That was a lot of fun.” She grinned. “I’m assuming you’ve done a lot of butterflies?” She asked as she recalled her complaining about it just moments before. “Ugh,” The blonde groaned dramatically. “Why can’t there be coffee around here. I’d kill for it right now.” She pouted.

[Mass Snapchat]



Cadence Bailey: As soon as I'm done with my jobs I'm on my way!

Eden: You better be.

[face painting workshop]


Anna huffed out a breath of air, the workshop finally slowed down to where she could sit and take a break. This face paint was starting to get itchy around the eyes but there was a big chance that that was simply from her makeup and not the paint. After Anna had painted the butterfly on Gabby’s cheek, it felt like millions of little girls wanted the exact same butterfly on their cheek. Anna expected people to want something different and instead, she had done butterflies left and right and it got exhausting. “If we need to keep with butterflies we’re going to need more paint!” she said, rummaging through her purse for a piece of gum and she groaned. “Kill me now, I’m fucking starving.”

Eden sighed as she sit back in one of their chairs. It was surprising that their booth slowed down. It seemed to have a never ending line earlier throughout the day. She didn’t mind She actually enjoyed being busy with this. Face painting was fun. When she heard Her co-worker groan and rummage though her bag. Eden perked up. “Oh! I’ve got an extra sandwich in my bag!” She squeaked as she dug through the bag and handed it to the girl.

[Mass Snapchat]



Alexander: I'll be there if you're there, beautiful. 

Eden: Then I'll be waiting darling. <3 xoxo