Garden of Eden
"Love is not a noun to be defined, but a verb to be acted." <3

EDEN BAILEY - 17 - Junior



One favorite?! What do you think I am, Eden - a person that has one favorite song?!

Just… something! As long as it’s a love song of course. Those are the song with the best stories.



I know a lot of stuff and I write my own stuff, dearest Eden.


I also take requests.

Oh I can’t just come up with something on the spot! What’s your favorite song to play?



Sweet thing you’re entirely addictive; I’m up most nights contemplating: if I could grind your bones, yeah I’d have gold.

Oh, that sounds so wonderful Heath!

What else do you know?



                               ” Why must Stephen King disappoint me so. 

How did he disappoint you?


So In Love - The Icarus Account

City lights, cloudy skies
Slow dance in the rain
Won’t forget how it sounds
When you say my name

I’m turning the tables
I’m changing the time
I’ll do anything just to keep you mine
You’re one of the angels
Yeah it’s true
I’m standing in heaven
When I’m with you

And we’re so in love


Then keep it, for fucks sake.


But… My parents probably won’t let me.

Touch me with steady hands.
Kiss me with quivering lips.
I read the stories on your body as I cover every inch.
Every scar a different start
Every freckle part of an elaborate map
That maybe if I read correctly will help lead me to your heart.
Tell me the stories.
Whisper your secrets in my ear.
I want you to know that now and no matter what that I am always here.
And every teardrop will water seeds that we have planted
We will grow and be made stronger
Every single time we falter
But one thing you need to know is that
I love you
More than the sky is blue
More than the ocean threatens to swallow you
More than mountains love the clouds they kiss
And more now than I ever thought I could. —a.c.g. (via coffeecigarettesandkisses)


darkmarknat: @edenlovebug You like that? It annoys me. #Tryingtoconcentrate
edenlovebug: @darkmarknat HOW?! Follow my instructions. Look to your left. LOOK AT HOW IN LOVE THEY ARE. now I'll be watching & waiting for you to smile.


lovelygabby: @edenlovebug That is just adorable! That is DEFINITELY the language of love! #omg #Ijustlovethis #kindofstuff
edenlovebug: @lovelygabby SO GLAD that someone gets it! I need someone to sing to me in French now! Gods could you imagine?! #wishlist
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