Eden's currently on a semi-hiatus, but I should be posting a starter soon.
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hot // avril lavigne

you make me so hot
make me wanna drop
you’re so ridiculous
i can barely stop


Show me what you got, Eden!


It. Is. On.


[Hunter was filling up his cup at a keg before he felt himself being pulled away. He did his best not to spill his entire drink] Whoa Eden! [He laughed] Okay, okay [He takes a sip before he starts moving to the music]


Yay, yay! Finally someone is willing to have fun! [she calls over the music]

[Eden grabs the wrists of the person closest to her and jumps in her spot, spilling some of her drink from her cup.] 

Oh, won’t you dance with me? Come on!


[she laughs, putting her hands up in excitement] Woo! Beach party!! Do you think they’ll be good food?!


Yes, my dearest, YES! Food, alcohol, dancing, and so many fun times! I’m so excited!


…Are you drunk already? It’s been, like, an hour. Some people just can’t hold their booze, I suppose. 

This is vacation! I have the right to start my fun whenever I please. Come on, have fun with me!


Roadtrip Playlist:

Wasted by Tiesto and Matthew Koma / We Are Young by Fun. and Janet Monae / I Love You 5 by Never Shout Never / Stay Young by We The Kings / Love Like Woe by The Ready Set / Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap / The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls / California by Never Shout Never / We're the Shit by Cady Groves / Oh Darling feat. Cady Groves by Plugin Stereo / All About Us by He is We / Last Night (Vegas) by Breathe Carolina

I’ll make a link to listen in a few hours

Hurry Up!


We’ve got to go.  If we don’t leave right now we are never making it to La Jolla at a reasonable hour.  Come on!


Oh, my gods. You rushing me isn’t going to make me move any faster you know.

Beyond glad…


That I got my own villa for this hot mess.

Oooh, what is it? I wanna know. I wanna know!

Beach party! Beach party!