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Break In, Break Out | Eden & Oakley


Oakley usually took pleasure in sniffing out people and their lies, although it was selectively done because it was a situation he didn’t relish finding himself in, hoping that the golden rule would apply to it as well. In this case, he had no intentions of putting Eden in an uncomfortable situation any further than they already were in. And so, Oakley nodded at her story, knowing fully well that there was no way the puppy could’ve gotten outside of the fence.

"If I’m not mistaken, her name’s Princess Mary," he answered with a lsight shrug, completely inventing the dog’s name but delivering it with enough conviction that in case they’d find out the real name later on, his complete ignorance would be pegged on the fact that he was a mere visiting relative. Oakley was still waiting for Eden to recognize his wordless invitation to step inside, but apparently she was too agitated to recognize body language. Especially from him, perhaps.

"Nah, let’s just get her inside, I’ll probably just leave a note to Uncle Desmond later before I leave," he went on fibbing, providing a way out for Eden to not have to prove or disprove her theory of a hole in the fence. He knew fully well that there were no holes — he’s checked for those things when he was studying the house for possible escape routes. "Come in," Oakley finally articulated. While they were not in full view of a security camera, there was no guarantee that they wouldn’t be spotted by some nosy neighbor. It was better he hurried to get them inside while he debated on whether he should tell Eden or keep up a ruse until he could leave the house under some solid pretext.

"Oh," Eden nodded as she looked down at the pup again. "Well hello there, Princess." She had already taken the liberty of shortening her name before she even let herself get tongue tied over the actual.

Eden nodded and stepped toward Oakley, dog following quickly behind her. She still hadn’t gotten over how she had been foolish enough to pick a house that Oakley, of all people, would be at. 

After she stepped in she looked around the new environment. She didn’t feel comfortable enough to make any unnecessary steps throughout the house. The young blonde’s feelings of animosity were fading already because she couldn’t keep angry at anyone, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t awkward. This was the person she had given her one and only virginity to for gods sake! She knew where they stood, but she couldn’t help herself from thinking the childish we saw each other naked notion in her head. As much as she wrote, read, and worshiped romance, it certainly seemed like she was a failure at it.

Eden held her hands in front of her clasped together, in her prime I think I feel uncomfortable stance. “So,” She started, hoping, but knowing otherwise, to avoid there being too much weirdness. “How have you been?” She asked a bit cheerily. “Haven’t talked in a little while.”

Library Blues || Eden and Tara


Tara walked to the library, hoping that no one would see her. Class had been depressingly bring these past few days and what do we say to boredom when it crosses our path? Not today, motherfucker! Okay, lame joke time done, the young girl thought to herself. Even though she was giggling softly.

She finally walked into the library, the sent of both old and new books hitting herself in the face. She knew that Chantelle would devour over all of the new history books in two seconds flat. Maybe even less. Tara was about to look for one of the books on architecture when she heard an all too familiar voice. She looked to her right and saw her sister, Eden. The brunette smiled and walked up behind her, wrapping her arms around the blonde’s waist, hugging her, and laying her chin on her shoulder. “Writer’s block? That’s never good, ‘Den.”

Eden’s head fell dramatically to the side to rest against her sister’s. “No!” she cried out and shook her head. “No it’s not!” Her hands move over top of her face as she rubbed her brows with frustration. 

Eden wrapped her arms back around Tara and let out a long sad sigh. “Please tell me what to do. Give me some inspiration or something.” The blonde begged to her as she squeezed her sister tightly.


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Library Blues || Dylan & Eden


Why he was in the library of all places he would never know, but there he was looking at books of horticulture. “God damn plants keep dying.” He muttered to himself. That’s when he heard pouting somewhere to his left, moving the books to the side. He leaned his head on his arms, peering at her with a small smile on his face before he made his way around the back of the row of books, behind her quietly til’ he slowly made his way to her, arms wrapping over her shoulder.

"Sadness never suited you. Nor did pouting or anything else that involved negativity." He teased, pressing a playful kiss to her cheek, moving to sit beside her as he leaned his head on his hand. "What’s got you so blue, Bailey?"

Eden leaned into Dylan ever-so-slightly as his wrapped around her shoulder, looking for some form of comfort for this tragedy. “This!” She slumped back into the seat as she looked at the notebook as if it itself was the reason for her heartache. “I won’t even let you read it. It’s that bad. You know how open I am about people reading my work.”

She let out a little huff. She didn’t even know how childish she was being. It was just how she was. “I know it’s silly, but writing is almost my entire life and I’ve hit a rut! I haven’t written anything decent in almost a week. This is my end. I’ll never move on from this.” She pouted her bottom lip out even further and crossed her arms. “I blame school starting up. I have no inspiration.”

Library Blues || OPEN

Eraser shavings were scattered variously over Eden’s notebook and the library table. The pages were bent and on the edge of being considered battered. The hours that were pumped into this notebook like many others were hours spent well. Eden was a wonderful writer. The only negative thing about it was that Eden knew that she was a good writer. She took a lot of pride in it too. But with that knowledge of her strength, she also knew when it was bad. And this was really, really bad; in her eyes at least.

Hopeless. That was the true emotion she was feeling and displaying over her features.

With a pouted lip and sad eyes she looked to the scribbles and doodles that she had poured over the page. “That’s it. I’m ruined. I’ve hit the ultimate writer’s block.” Her brows furrowed with frustration as stress took over her wary mind. There were very few things that actually caused Eden to be this distraught, but her writing was definitely one of them.


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I swear.


Well, come to think of it I’m missing a few pills but, no. Nothing like that Eden. Don’t worry.


Well that’s relieving. Can you just imagine how awful that would be?

[Alone at the park]


[he shrugs before placing a grin on his lips] Nothing bad, a few bruises and some lousy cuts, nothing fucking new really. Got some water on you, doll face? That would be of some help.


O-oh, yes! [she murmured as she pulled out a bottle of water from her backpack and handed it to him] Here you go.


"Oh! Oh, s-sorry, it’s..I was just…um, you didn’t scare me..it-it’s okay."


Are you sure? Can I make it up to you? Are you sure that you’re okay?

A Paper Back Romance || Eden & Pascal


I… It is pretty nice. [He watches his shoes scuffle across the pavement] I work there, um, like, Tuesdays, Thursdays and um, Fridays if… you wanna stop by.


I just might become your #1 customer.