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A Paper Back Romance || Eden & Pascal


[Pascal’s eyes widen, his cheeks darkening in tint even more as the girl - Eden, asks to take him out to coffee. He looks over his shoulder a bit to see if there could be anyone else she is talking to.] U-Um… Me? The guy who just, uh, practically ran you o-over? [He chuckles nervously, adjusting the books in his arms] I… [he clears his throat] Ah… Yeah, okay. 


W-Why not?

[Eden grinned even wider and nodded.] Yay! [She started walking ahead nodding in the direction she wanted him to go.] It’s a lovely little place that I’ve just fallen in love with. Do you like coffee? If not they make fantastic smoothies as well!

Dirty Little Secret | | Cadence & Eden


It’s not the same thing, Eden. He’s cool, but feelings of admiration, and feelings of love are definitely not the same thing.   [She smiles and rolls her eyes.]  It wasn’t bad, it was fun, it just was not meant to be anything more than a one time thing.  We were drunk.  I was really drunk.  It isn’t a big deal.  I’m not interested in it being something big.  I just don’t feel that way about Hunter.


Gods, Cadence. You’re hurting my insides. How?! I just don’t understand one night stands I guess. I find them to be truly awful. I mean, fun, but afterwards awful. But I guess on the bright side, yay! You got laid! 

Break In, Break Out | Eden & Oakley


Oakley did his summer homework. He’s studied the area where the house stood, studied the house itself, and even studied the next two houses on either side just to be sure. He was actually relieved to find that one blind spot, although reviewing notes that Gus left on a previous attempt of a break in revealed that the camera had been tilted slightly to create that chink in what was otherwise a tight armor of security.

Not that he was going to steal anything, no. Oakley was just commissioned to plant fresh bugs as part of an ongoing surveillance on the owner of the house, and just as how Nigel is able to be way ahead of his contemporaries in the information dealing business. Prior to his death, a schedule has been plotted out til the next two years that his successor would only have to follow and the business would be kept running smoothly. And so Oakley did follow, taking his sweet time with the empty house and making sure not leave anything out of place as he hid bugs in the upper floor office.

He was making his merry way downstairs, his black shoes making little to no sound with every step, and had opened the back door through which he came in just in time to freeze at the face that greeted him outside.

The little feet of Eden Bailey pattered down the sidewalk on a new adventure. It was more of a master plan in her eyes though. At one time her attempt to fall in love was to steal a puppy from a yard that she was sure housed an attractive young man around her age. The fashionable size 11 shoes sitting on the sidewalk in front of the house screamed that her soul mate was there. All she had to do was take the cute pup from the yard and put up found posters, then her dream boy would could running to her… However she was very wrong.

She wasn’t sure what called her to do the same thing this time even though last time her plan was foiled. Maybe it was simply because the dog she saw was absolutely precious. 

Eden climbed her little self over the fence and sat down her bag. “Come here, missy.” She grinned to the dog as it trotted it’s way playfully to her. The blonde picked the animal up in her arms and pet her head. “I really hope your owner is cute.” She murmured to the dog before she spotted someone coming from the back door.

Eden jumped back and her hands impulsively flew behind her back, letting the dog drop the short distance to the ground. It wasn’t anything serious, or threatening, but it was a drop nonetheless. She looked over the figure of the fresh presence. “Oakley!” She gasped, frozen in place. “Wha-” She breathed out before shaking her head. Had she been stupid enough to come to Oakley’s house? No, she couldn’t have. Her luck wasn’t that terrible. “What are you doing here?” She nervously ran a hand through her hair as she avoided looking at him for a second.

They hadn’t spoken much since their little… well, hook up, and Eden had no idea how to react to seeing him now other than to cross her arms and act angry, but she couldn’t help but to pout a little bit. She was really like a fussy child. She was just disappointed that she had expected a marvelous romance when it was really just nothing more than a hook up. 

She looked over to him starting to feel nervous about whether she had actually showed up at his house. “Well?”


[ He looks toward the direction she pointed to and sees Sirius ] Yeah, it’s him. Sirius! [ the dog stops what he’s doing once he hears his name being called, he runs toward them, wagging his tail in excitement. Oscar pats him on the head ] Good thing you found him. Thanks. I owe you one.


[Eden jumped a bit when the dog came closer. She loved dogs.] Hey there mister. [She grinned down to the dog as she knelt down and started to rub his head.] How old is he?


I don’t know, I just don’t. It’s hard to explain. I never really hung around the park long enough to enjoy it, I guess. Maybe I’ll stick around and see what’s so nice about it. 


The Dean doesn’t appreciate anything. He’s kind of an ass, in my opinion.  He probably couldn’t handle something creative in the news. 

You should. It’s a nice park and it’s really well taken care of.

Ugh, I don’t want to say I hate anyone, but if I had to, I’d say the Dean. [She stops when she thinks she sees a dog in the distance] Oscar! [She bounced and pointed hopefully] Is that him!?

Dirty Little Secret | | Cadence & Eden


No, no, we are not a thing.  It was one time only.  Hunter is nice, the type of person to be featured on my binders or as a poster, but I don’t want to date him.


What? Why not?! If you could practically stalk him, you could love him. Why aren’t you letting yourself fall in love? [She groans a bit before sighing and shaking her head.] Are you making it a one time thing because it was bad? I need more information, okay? I just don’t understand. After my first and only one time thing, I was absolutely crushed.


[sitting on the steps]


If you want creepy and hardcore, you might want to ask Mackenzie for help. You know how she’s all about that Edgar Allen Poe life. [Chuckles, amused by Eden] You know what you should do? Put that pen down and dance with me. Go all out with me and if you get some inspiration from our antics then we can pause so that you can write it down and then we continue to party some more.


Oh, no no no no no no no! She’d make it all sad and depressing. I want it angsty, but still romantic with a perfect happy ending you know? Oh gods I’m hopeless. [She sighed and nodded.] Yes! Let’s dance! Dancing is exactly what I need. Let’s go, let’s go!

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You got that right.


I don’t. Parks are kind of mundane for me. The only reason I hang around this place is for Sirius. The dog seems to run back here every time he’s let loose. [ he pockets the leash ] You’re a writer?

Really? What about parks do you not like? I think the willow tree is absolutely wonderful. 

I am! I used to write stories and send them into the school newspaper. I’m not allowed to do that anymore though. Apparently the Dean isn’t appreciative of a love story. [she huffs] I still write all the time though.