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[ Her confusion finally getting the better of her, Aria spoke up without realising it, her eyebrows knitting together as she attempted to control the device. ] No. Stop flipping pages. What are yo— stop that. Why do these even exist? What’s wrong with real, paper paged books? You should only fix what needs fixing, and there is nothing wrong with real books. Why did you open a calculator?


Gods, I know exactly what you’re talking about. When I write a first copy of something it absolutely has to be on paper.


[ Heath sat in the park, throwing a ball to Kalila, the dog Eden Bailey found and subsequently gifted to him last year. Well, more like gave him under the strict promise that he would look after the dog, rather than straight-out gifted. He murmured to himself, a notebook next to him with scribbled words ] So it takes six hours to drive to Vancouver. That means I could leave tomorrow and still be back in time for the road trip, stash in tow …


Dear, gods. Are you taking my lovely Kalila on that road trip? [She asked before she plopped down next to him.] That’s much too long of a drive her to go on. [Eden reached out a hand and rubbed the pup between the ears while her other hand dug through her bag, pulling out  corner of a PB&J and feeding it to her.] 

We are leaving in THREE DAYS people.


Pick who you’re gonna car pool with, but again, if you want anything special or extra, bring me your lists. I’ll be sure we’re stacked to the brim with whatever you need, condoms have been purchased, so have spare sheets for the beds. Anyone need anything else?

Oh my gods, Dylan. I’m so excited. Like you have no idea just how really excited I am in this exact very moment.

Some fun Munday asks!

♦: Relationship with your Muse.
♠: What's one thing you dislike about your Muse?
♣: Any headcanons about your muse?
♥: One thing you love about your Muse.
☾: Favorite moment from your Muse's canon, and why. (If your Muse is an OC, then favorite aspect of their story.)
☄: What you think of your Muse.
♪: Favorite song.
✫: Why you began RPing.
✽: Favorite season?
❂: The Mun's birthday. (Month and date--no year!)
☂: Favorite kind of weather.
✤: Favorite kind of food.
▲: The Mun's Zodiac sign. (Any kind of Zodiac works!)
●: If you could say just one thing to your Muse, what would it be?
☑: An OTP with your Muse in it (if you have any).
☒: A NOTP with your Muse in it (if you have any).
☁: Favorite part of RPing.
✉: Any RPers the Mun admires.
▶: A talent of the Mun's (besides RPing, of course!)
♬: Sing or say something! Post the link to it.


[He stares at her arm for a for moments before sighing and deciding to play along] Okay, I feel like this would be more fun with more than two people… [He smirks before touching her arm and turning to run away] Tag you’re it! [He calls out behind him]


Yay! [she squeals before reaching out and chasing after him] You will be defeated! Even if it’s the absolute last thing I do.


Ed, you jerk!  Get back here. [She grins and begins chasing after her sister.]


[as soon as she sees that her sister was catching up, she turned and tackled her with a hug to avoid losing] 

Don’t jerk me! You love me!


I know what tag is, I just haven’t played it since elementary school. 


Well… Here’s your chanceee!

[she sticks her arm out for him to tag her]



Eden…what are you doing?

Oh my gods Hunter. If you say that you don’t know what tag is I’m going to die.